Art Heals...We Promise

I am excited to announce my newest "Art Heals" campaign. I am also so excited to announce that this time I collaborated with my brother, Gabriel Cirio! He is such a force and has such a heart for our broken world. Without fail, he has inspired me time and time again. After talking with him about recent occurrences in the world, I felt called to design something to raise money for an organization called Urban Promise, that Gabriel himself has worked for. It’s something that he truly believes is making a difference. Please read his statements below. And purchase one of our bags with the logo created by the amazing John Matcovich and with the statement “Art Heals...We Promise.”

Gabriel’s statement:

Urban Promise is a nonprofit, youth organization ministry based in many cities in the United States, with campuses around the world. The ministry inserts itself into local communities, helping to create environments of learning and growth in which children may lift themselves out of impossibly unfair odds in order to have brighter futures. Rooted in methods of developmental outreach and assistance, Urban Promise provides programs to families and children to bolster education and hard skills needed for social mobility.

My time at Urban Promise Wilmington in the summer of 2017 was one of the most enlightening and heartwarming experiences of my life. There I taught at one of the free summer camps provided all over the city of Wilmington, a particularly broken city plagued by gentrification and shockingly violent neighborhoods. It is the duty of those better-off and willing, to use our blessings and privileges to right wrongs incited by time and evil. Urban Promise does so not as a savior, but as an understanding Samaritan, wishing for another human to be healed and live a fulfilled life.